SF 021 - Adam Gould and Shandon Lesene

February 14, 2019

Adam Gould--though he wore a cabbie hat during this podcast, hiding his beautiful lion's mane--figuratively wears many hats: from beer drinkin'/meat smashin'/hard chargin' rock guitarist who will rip yer head off with a smile on stage to a delicate soul who thinks and feels deeply, wears his heart on his sleeve, and writes solo acoustic ballads that showcase his Buckley-esque voice. Seven years ago, he left the hustle and bruising bustle of NYC to create sounds in the sweet Southern garden of Charleston, SC. He plays all the string instruments with a large number of bands/artists/projects while simultaneously working on his own music and artistic persona and teaching others on all those string instruments (including piano!).  Ultimately, he disproves the notion that to be a professional, working, street musician you must live in one of the biggest cities. A master musician who is constantly honing his craft, working on his writing, production, jazz chops, harmony singing, learning new instruments.  (He is always in the shed--I know, I lived with him and listened to him transcribe entire old records, while writing whole new records.) Modest to a fault. Always fun and ALWAYS unnecessarily self deprecating. He is intentionally and unintentionally hilarious. I'm madly in love with this dude. We are joined by Southern wordsmith and voice of reason, Shandon Lesesne. 


SF 020 - Teddy Kumpel, Guitar God

January 29, 2019

Teddy Kumpel is a guitar god and his list of credits would make any seasoned pro blush (NIN, Rickie Lee Jones, Feist, the films Anchorman and Talladega Nights (!)), but that's all small potatoes compared to his amazing original songs: 'I'd grow a mustache for you' is always on loop in my head. He's currently preparing to go out on the road with THE Joe Jackson.  We sit down and get the T.KUMPS scoop, while he sets me up for jokes from about ten minutes away. DIG.


SF 019 - Joelle Lurie, Ginger Singer Goddess

January 4, 2019

Joelle Lurie makes a claim that she is one of many in the NYC/International scene but after a few moments with this sassy ginger with the voice the size of a house and a personality like some palatial compound in the comforts of the tropicals (easy to hang with), you see how special she is. I promised to get her tea--she showed up with coffees, champagne and all the components for a mimosa.  Joelle has been responsible many times for making the hair on the back of my neck stand on its end, VIA RECORDING...it's no joke. Emotive qualities in a singer/personality vary, but when you hear one in a million, you know. A gem. Rare depth.  A giver of lady boners. A joy. DIG IN.


SF 018 - Nicholas Wells, songwriter + general boss work

December 16, 2018
Singer, Songwriter, Pianist Nicholas Wells is a Renaissance man: what began as a desire to write and sing songs, has evolved into a full sonic and visual in-production house, where Nicholas performs every skill for every role at every position. He cooks up ambitious ideas and then does all the work needed to make them happen. He’s invested in making himself the modern artist on the web by developing his covers game and live streaming content, all while being an insanely high level singer/songwriter and piano player. He does all of this for his own art while being the music director of Joe Scarborough’s band, backing up Adele and Five for Fighting, and doing voice-over work for Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Ryan Reynolds, Stanley Tucci, The Hunger Games, The Simpsons...YUP…names were dropped. That's Nicholas Wells...super talented, super hard worker, cool as hell and funny AF! Listen IN!



SF 017 - Brain Collazo, Singer + Smoothest Human Ever

November 18, 2018

B'ski aka Brain Collazo defines the word SMOOTH, in every way my mind knows how to break that concept down: being sonically, aesthetically, verbally, spiritually and social-situationally hip. ..while doing little to no work to appear this bad ass. You can be smooth like a duck, doing all the paddling underneath the water, but a real smooth cat is a swan: effortless chilling.  Damn it, you know smooth when you see it (especially because I'm the opposite: a loud and awkward mess). That is Brain Collazo beyond mortal comprehension: THE SMOOTH SWAN.  We tracked this podcast at 8am, which would unsettle a normal human, but he still crushes me in smoothness, smarts, and wits the whole goddamned time.


SF 016 - Caleb Hawley, Pop Star

October 28, 2018

WORLD PREMIERE OF THE NEW CALEB HAWLEY JOINT "JUST WANT TO BE LOVED." TUNE IN JUST TO BUMP THIS JAM. AGAIN AND AGAIN. A first in the tiny history of Secret Famous, we get a one day advance on this banger! Caleb Hawley is a Pop Star. He writes, sings, produces, dances, looks cooler than a Euro soccer star AND can straight cold shred guitars AND keys. On top of his historic skills in music, he is an absolute gem of a human being: sweet, smart, funny, cool, humble, vulnerable and an engaging storyteller. He tells stories of writing tunes in Mexico, his mission control station in Harlem, the difficulties of being an indie pop star and what his life in retirement might look like. This is a leveled up Secret Famous. 


SF 015 - Anthony Palencsar, Concierge/Performer

October 23, 2018

Trained dancer, singer and actor (see: triple threat aka monster talent) Anthony Palencsar graced the international stages for years before transferring his skills of improvisation and charisma into becoming one of NYC's premier concierges. His charm, wit and ability to entertain are all on full display as we get some NYC hot tips and what it feels like to be big in Japan, while hanging out at Sharadise.   


SF 014 - Seth Ondracek, Bassist

October 17, 2018

In a world that smashes people's dreams, it's refreshing to hear some stories from a human who's had their dreams come to fruition. Seth Ondracek lives the dream (by working his ass off), having arrived in New York six years ago from Omaha, Nebraska with nothing but a P Bass and the desire to make his living.  His stories of personal transformation are that of legend and all in the commitment of serving the music. He is now the bassist for some of the coolest bands in NYC: Motherfeather, Hollis Brown and America's Party Band, The Barnstorm (!).  We sit down with a Pamplemousse La Croix* (natch) and get the scoop on why he only has black basses and animals, why he made major lifestyle changes to improve on his music, and how he became the king of Omaha at age 21.


*I appresh the article about how they are getting sued and how it's toxic. Thank you for sending my way, loves. I'm WAY TOO FAR GONE. If La Croix is what does me in, just let me enjoy my remaining days with a few of them. Save yourself. 


SF 013 - Matt Krahula, Songwriter moving to Hawaii

October 9, 2018

Road Dog: someone who loves every part of the more extreme, touring RockNRoll lifestyle e.g., fixing the van, slinging merchandise after the show, eating Cracker Barrel more than once in a year and sleeping on floors while all your belongings stay in your shoes as you rest so you don't lose anything (tip for beginners): this is Matt Krahula, staple of the NYC songwriting/performing/crushing scene. Sad for us, happy for him: He is moving to Hawaii (!) after just releasing the third Nightmare River Band album, Stormville. Matt has toured the nation playing his own music relentlessly doing all the stuff that road dogs do: making friends in new cities, crushing house shows, drinking gas station coffee--Matt's love of the RockNRoll life is real and infectious. He's a heartfelt, compassionate, aware human who can also be a level 10 rager/life of the party/creator of the party...a dichotomy of personalities. I snagged this RIGHT BEFORE he left and everyone was like 'no going away party' nah baby, you gotta tune into secret famous to get the final hang with the Road Dog HOOGA. love this guy. he's got stories for dayzzzzz...


SF 012 - Kaitlyn Rosati, Performer/World Traveler

October 2, 2018
Kaitlyn Rosati is a full time entertainment machine that goes to eleven: a party of ONE, world traveler, born story teller, feminist icon, force of fashion, talented musician, a hard-ass willing to cut you with a knife while simultaneously being sweet AF and willing to move mountains to help the people she loves out. She is a singular being of awesomeness. If I had to choose one human to blast into space for aliens to get the gist of what humanity is, I'd select Rosati because she is living life deeper, faster and hungrier than anyone I know. All those inspirational memes people blast all over the place? Yeah, they are written about Kaitlyn Rosati. When you are hanging with Kaitlyn, it feels like you're on the back seat of a supersport mortocycle going 190mph down 6th avenue: she's pouring drinks, writing ten songs, dealing with businesses and dancing/laughing/crying/screaming the whole time. The fearless traveler has been to 27 countries, most of them ALONE. Read her blog (http://nomannomad.net)  A dear friend and artist worthy of your time, she's preparing to leave NYC to become a full time Nomad. Listen in--she will make you smile and re-think all your upcoming travel plans. real talk. STFBD!