Secret Famous

SF 040 Abby Payne + Kenny Shaw - zen music masters

May 10, 2020

When the higher power envisioned the best version of humanity, they had Abby and Kenny in mind. Top tier talents in their respective artistic roles: Abby as a singer/songwriter/keys player and Kenny as a drummer/vibe master. You will not meet more modest, down to earth, sweet, chill people: their self-awareness has a self-awareness of it’s own self-awareness. Whether the duo is backing up bands at Madison Square Garden or committing themselves to Herculean efforts to birth Abby’s musical, The Gunfighter Meets his Match, they have an ease, classiness and sense of humor that confounds the normal self-aggrandizing egotism of the modern entertainment professional. A pandemic check in, I try to crack their code, alas——they win this time and every time. We talk about how they balance demanding schedules with their relationship, how they are handling quarantine, who loves tennis more that Kenny Shaw aka K Lion aka Kennis and the exciting releases of new music they have planned. 

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