Secret Famous

SF 037 Emily Danger, Singer, Writer, Beat Maker

April 5, 2020

Emily Danger is an otherworldly singer: the kind that doesn’t even have to warm up, she can ‘go HAM at any hour.’ In addition to being a monster singer, she’s cool, smart, funny, talented (at all parts of music/art) and a super sweet, modest soul.  Usually people with a prodigious amount of talent have a questionable aesthetic; with Emily, that is not the case. She trained as an opera singer before turning to the world of singer/songer/beatmaker. She for real plays keys.  Emily is a work whipper, who loves the hustle and grind of being a working musician. We share some tequila with Topo Chico and lots of lime and find out about Emily growing up in Bakersfield, CA, studying music therapy, and her forthcoming new tunes:

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